mental illness

Watching Out For Depression Risk

Scientists from Singapore have developed a machine learning program to predict depression risk based on vital signs tracked by wearables.

Machine Learning Enhances Mental Illness Diagnosis

By combining machine learning with brain imaging, scientists have developed a way to differentiate different kinds of mental illnesses based on MRI scans.

India & China Bear A Third Of Global Mental Illness Burden

India and China's disease burdens for mental, neurological and substance use disorders are greater than in all high-income countries combined, says a study.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Mental Health

Much more can and needs to be done to address the sensitive topic of mental health in Asia.

Indonesia To Tackle The Shackling Of The Mentally Ill

Indonesia is seeking to end the lockdown and shackling of thousands of mental health patients.

Postnatal Depression: It Doesn’t Just Affect Women

An Australian study of over 3,000 fathers has found that approximately one in ten report high levels of distress in the first year after having a baby.

Wikipedia’s Mental Health Entries Are Spot On, Study Says

University of Melbourne researchers have ranked Wikipedia as the top source for mental-health information in terms of accuracy, readability, currentness and breadth.

Psychological Distress Increases Risky Behavior On Roads

Study finds that young adults who take risks when driving are more likely to experience psychological distress, including mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.