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COVID-19’s Shadow On Suicides

Researchers have found that COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in suicide rates in Japan, particularly among young working women.

Is Your Online Therapy Safe?

Online mental health services in Malaysia have boomed since the pandemic, but guidelines concerning patient security and data privacy need to be monitored.

Travel Therapy

Tourism may soon be recognised as a dementia intervention by providing an experience which resembles current cognitive stimulation therapies, reveals a study.
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Watching Out For Depression Risk

Scientists from Singapore have developed a machine learning program to predict depression risk based on vital signs tracked by wearables.
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Three Technologies Driving The Future Of Mental Healthcare

Digital innovation can paint a brighter future for diagnosing and treating mental health conditions, but achieving an equitable ecosystem needs careful evaluation of the technologies involved.
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Envisioning A Digital Approach To Mental Well-being

With data and analytics shaping the future of mental healthcare, Singapore is in a prime position to harness technology to foster well-being, says Professor Benjamin Seet of the National Healthcare Group.

The Path To Digital Mental Healthcare

From flagging symptoms to monitoring recovery, digital innovation can make the mental healthcare journey more accessible, effective and responsive every step of the way.

Mental Health Support Goes Digital

Using technology to analyze behavioral data can help capture often overlooked aspects and offer greater support amid the patient journey.

Finding Peace Among The (Vertical) Plants

Need to relax? Looking at vertical greenery might just do the trick, say scientists from Singapore.

In It For The Long Haul

The phenomenon of long COVID shows that recovering from acute disease isn’t the end. What comes next matters too.