medicines for malaria venture

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Amit Sharma

Dr. Amit Sharma is leading the charge in the search for new drugs against the ancient scourge of malaria.

Researchers Crowdsource For Novel Malarial Drugs

Once the domain of IT, researchers have adopted a crowdsourced approach to finding alternatives to artemisinin for malarial treatment.

GHIT Awards Seven New Grants Amounting To US$15.3 Million

Research in the neglected tropical diseases of dengue, malaria and Chagas disease receive a US$15.3 million boost in funding from GHIT.

Takeda, MMV Partner To Study Anti-Malarial Compounds

Takeda Pharma will collaborate with Medicines for Malaria Venture to study two new anti-malarial compounds.

Japan Launches Public-Private Partnership To Fight Neglected Diseases

The Global Health Innovative Technology Fund, a new public-private partnership, is taking Japanese R&D to the global fight against infectious disease.