mechanical engineering

Bracing For Impact With Tougher Helmets

By developing a tough new plastic, a Singapore-France team engineered stronger bicycle helmets to minimize the risk of critical head injuries.

Subra Suresh Honored With 2020 ASME Medal

NTU Singapore President Subra Suresh has been awarded the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ highest honor, the ASME Medal.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Ernest Chua

Wielding his expertise in mechanical engineering, Ernest Chua aims to develop innovations that can satisfy basic human needs without harming the environment.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Marcelo Ang

One of Singapore’s robotics pioneers, Professor Marcelo Ang Jr’s research promises to take driverless cars and personal robotic assistants outside the realm of imagination and into the mainstream.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Aristotle Ubando

With the effects of climate change at our doorstep, Professor Aristotle Ubando has made it his life’s mission to optimize the production of biofuels from renewable energy sources like algae.

Soft, Sensitive And Stable Sensors For Wearables

Researchers in South Korea have developed a wearable pressure sensor for health monitoring applications and early disease diagnosis.

Pioneering High Accuracy, High Agility Automation

The Archimedes robot uses artificial intelligence to analyze optical components and their respective sizes, then an algorithm plans the most efficient way to slot them onto a tray.

Getting A Snapshot Of A Patient’s Immune System

Researchers in Singapore have developed a lab-on-a-chip that can distinguish healthy white blood cells from unhealthy ones, with implications for diagnosing diseases.

3D Printing Gets A Boost With Data-Driven Design

Combined analysis of geometry, topology, structure and material data can be used to optimize the designs of 3D printed products, say researchers in Singapore.

Designing A Better Fire Extinguisher For Space

Rather than spray carbon dioxide to put out fires, a fire extinguisher developed by scientists in Japan relies on a powerful vacuum.