Researchers Warn Of Little-Known Bacterial Disease

Melioidosis is likely to be present in most of the tropics, including 34 countries where it has never been reported, researchers say.

Dammed If You Do, Damned If You Don’t?

Giant dams like the Three Gorges Dam and Xayaburi Dam look set to radically shape the hydropower sector in Asia. But at what cost?

US Science Envoy Visits Vietnam, Laos & Thailand

U.S. science envoy Dr. Geraldine Richmond is visiting Southeast Asia this week to foster collaborations in the Lower Mekong region.

DKSH To Support Pfizer’s Expansion In Laos

DKSH has been appointed as Pfizer's market expansion service provider for Laos.

Laotian Fossils Reveal The Diversity Of Ancient Humans

Fossils from Laos bearing both archaic and modern human traits demonstrate the diversity of early humans.

Laos Targets Green Energy In New Asian Economic Bloc

Laos has set its sights on green energy, and hydroelectric dams in particular. But will this erode its progress in agriculture?

Turning To Crickets To Fight Malnutrition

A project to encourage insect farming is underway in Laos, however, it remains to be seen whether insect-eating will take off globally.

Tackling Preventable Blindness In SEA

Research shows that half of all blindness in Asian children is avoidable, associated with vaccine preventable causes such as measles.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Widespread In SEA

Scientists raise concerns of drug-resistant malaria sweeping across Southeast Asia.