A Weather Website For Laotian Farmers

Partnering with the Laotian government, researchers have developed a weather website that helps farmers adapt to climate change and fight food insecurity.

Five Must-Know Research And Development Trends In Asia

As revealed in the Five Years Of Asian Scientist 100, Asia's feverish growth is fueling innovation across agriculture, chemistry, physics and more.

Celebrating Five Years Of The Asian Scientist 100

Asian Scientist Magazine’s new white paper marks five years of celebrating Asia’s leading scientists with a deep dive into their stories of discovery and innovation.

Understanding Southeast Asians’ Attitudes Towards Antibiotics

UK scientists report that awareness of drug resistance in Thailand and Laos is similar to that of many industrialized countries, but this does not translate to more stringent antibiotic use.

Dams & Mining Destabilizing The Mekong

Infrastructure development and riverbed mining along the Mekong River affect sediment flow, which is vital for soil fertility and fishes.

Most Countries Lagging on Health SDGs

Singapore leads the 188 countries while Afghanistan comes in last in meeting health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

GM Crops Bounce Back From 2015 Decline

More genetically modified (GM) crops were planted in 2016 than 2015, but the adoption of GM agriculture varied widely across Asia, report says.

UNESCO: ASEAN Economy Community Likely To Spur Scientific Cooperation

The ASEAN Economic Community could also spur both the cross-border movement of researchers and greater specialization, in turn broadening cooperation in science and technology.

ASEAN Patents Increased By 40% In Past Three Years: Report

The Thomson Reuters report, which examines ASEAN research and patenting activity, also shows that the group almost doubled its share of the world’s research papers.

MIT Technology Review’s Regional ‘Innovators Under 35’ Returns

Innovators under the age of 35 from Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan can now apply for the regional 2017 Innovators Under 35 list.