Bridging The ASEAN Research Gap

Research and innovation in ASEAN has not kept pace with economic growth the region has enjoyed, writes Crispin Maslog.

More Work On HIV In Laos Needed

Though the incidence of HIV/AIDS in Laos is relatively low, more could be done to improve awareness and treatment coverage, say health officials.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Gaining Ground In SE Asia

Although malaria deaths and diagnoses have declined, a worrying drug-resistance is emerging in Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia “Hotspot” for Emerging Infectious Diseases

With increased urbanization and air travel, Southeast Asia has become a “hotspot” for emerging infectious diseases, experts say.

8 Unique Species Discovered In Asia

Asian Scientist Magazine scopes out the most unique and rarely seen wild species discovered in Asia.

Laos Is First SE Asian Nation To Introduce Pneumococcal Vaccine

Laos has become the first South East Asian nation to introduce a pneumococcal vaccine.

ANALYSIS: Reproductive Healthcare Lags In Laos

More needs to be done to reduce preventable deaths among mothers and newborns in Laos, say experts.

UNSW Professor Receives Friendship Medal From Laos

The Lao Government has awarded a Friendship Medal to UNSW Emeritus Professor Arie Rotem for his contribution to the country's health sector.

BASF To Invest €10 billion In Asia Pacific Region

Global chemical company, BASF, plans to invest €10 billion in Asia from 2013-2020, as part of the company's Asia Pacific strategy.