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Contouring The Structure Of DNA With A Make-Up Brush

Using an ordinary make-up brush, researchers in Korea were able to produce a well-aligned DNA zigzag pattern.

Math Reveals The Link Between The Body Clock And Cancer

Using mathematical models, scientists have found that there is a link between the body's circadian clock and cancer, paving the way for better anti-cancer drug research.

I Am A Robot Man, I Have A Drone… Robot Drone Man!

Fear not lonely people in faraway places, robot drone man could soon pay you a visit.

Graphene Thermoacoustic Speakers Sound Like The Future

Unlike conventional speakers, thermoacoustic speakers do not rely on vibrations to produce sound, and thus do not need bulky acoustic boxes.

Reuters Top 100: South Korea’s KAIST Only Asian University In Top 10

A total of 20 universities from Asia made it into the Reuters Top 100: The World’s Most Innovative Universities 2016 list.

THE World Uni Rankings 2016-2017: National Uni Of Singapore Leads Asia

289 Asian universities from 24 countries make the overall Times Higher Education list of 980 institutions.

These Semi-Transparent Solar Cells Could Also Serve As Windows

Korean researchers have developed semi-transparent solar cells that reflect solar heat energy and could one day be used as solar windows.

Genome Of Industrial Microorganism Reveals High Tolerance Of Toxic Chemicals

Not only is Clostridium tyrobutyricum able to produce butyric acid, it is also has a higher tolerance to toxic 1-butanol than other bacterial strains.

How To Build Thin, Bendy Computer Displays

These flexible organic light emitting diodes may be used in computer displays, or sensors that can be attached to the human body for health monitoring.