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Innovation Made EPIC

Taking the time to craft a good problem statement and prioritising good communication can help co-innovation between large corporations and start-ups succeed.

Success By Design (Thinking)

From empathizing with the user to prototyping and iteration, the key processes in design thinking can help innovation teams create desirable product for the market.

Licensed To Thrive

A licensing agreement sets the tone and trajectory of a partnership between two companies. Here are 10 important terms in a technology licensing agreement.

Igniting Innovation—Adec Thng Of EnergyNova

Cleaner energy sources are needed now more than ever before, and Adec Thng of EnergyNova is confident that hydrogen fuel can provide for society’s energy needs.

A How-to Guide For Challenge-driven Innovation

Learn how to craft useful and practical problem statements for challenge-driven innovation at IPI's next Open Innovation Workshop in October 2019.

Igniting Innovation—Dro Tan of Matex

Find out how this Singapore-based company used an open innovation strategy to cope with tectonic shifts in the global chemicals industry.

Nuts & Bolts—Coatings For Cleanliness And Clarity

There’s no sugar coating it—dirty walls and windows are unsightly. These three TechOffers could help keep buildings spick and span.

Igniting Innovation—Bashir Ahmad of Liquinex Group

The sharing and co-development of synergistic water purification techniques will help secure the world's supply of clean, drinkable water, says Bashir Ahmad, CEO of Liquinex Group.

Nuts & Bolts—Finesse in Future Factories

From gripping to welding and augmented 3D printing, these three TechOffers could increase the precision and productivity of factories and assembly lines.