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Nutrition Gets Personal

Companies hoping to tap the personalised nutrition pie need to think both about the products they are offering as well as their business model.

Nuts & Bolts—Empowering Enterprise with Smart Solutions

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, companies can streamline their operations and create value for their clients.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Revolution

Lithium-ion battery recycling could help to address the need for more raw materials while keeping toxic battery waste out of landfills.

Igniting Innovation—Tan Soo Sam of Health Food Matters

Inspiration and collaboration are crucial ingredients for creating wholesome meals for individuals with special dietary needs.

Four Skills For Successful Open Innovation

Introspection, extrospection, technical ability and interaction skills are critical for implementing effective open innovation strategies in organizations.

A Springboard For Budding Innovations

Explore the possibilities for industry-academia collaboration (and more) at IPI's Technology Commercialisation Workshop.

A Clarion Call To Innovate

Experts from Aztech and Singtel weigh in on how innovation challenges spark creativity and broaden the scope for open innovation.

Igniting Innovation—Chew Ker Yee of Wangi Industrial

Collaborating with research institutions has helped precision optics company Wangi Industrial to deepen their competitive advance, says Vice President Chew Ker Yee.

Partnering For Growth: Dream Big, But Start Small

At RIE Industry Day 2019, a panel of experts shared their insights on how businesses can effectively tap on partnerships with public research institutions to stay ahead of the curve in Industry 4.0.