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Igniting Innovation—Jason Humphries Of Good Pharma Dermatology

By partnering with Singapore’s National Skin Center, Good Pharma Dermatology was able to quickly bring an itch-reducing moisturizer to the market.

Nuts & Bolts—Machine See, Machine Do

Making sense of pictures, videos and objects is no simple feat for machines, but these innovations are making it possible.

Lighting The Fuse Of Innovation

Passion and partnerships are like a fusion energy reactor for innovation, said Dr CJ Meadows at the EmTech 2019 conference.

Debunking The Myths Of Open Innovation

Here are five common misconceptions associated with open innovation and why they are untrue.

5 Tech Trends For Infocommunications And Electronics

Keeping up with innovation in the year ahead.

Seeding Innovation On Home Ground

Here are four tips to build a culture of open innovation within your organisation.

Schemes To Help Your Business Grow In 2019

Singaporean companies can tap into a range of government schemes and incentives to help them ride out the uncertainty and thrive in 2019.

Nuts And Bolts—Sink Or Swim With Innovation

Advanced water management systems, diagnostic kits and high-tech floating platforms are now available to the modern-day fish farmer.

Talk To A TechExpert Today

In the highly-regulated medical device sector, industry veterans on IPI’s TechExpert platform can help inventors and entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls and identify opportunities for growth.