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How Genomic Sequencing Can Drive Agricultural Advancements

Professor Rajeev Varshney achieved the largest plant genome sequencing study by harnessing MGI’s high throughput sequencing technologies.

8 Scientists From India To Watch (VIDEO)

From the mysteries of deep space to the molecular mechanisms of our very cells, India’s scientists are breaking new ground everyday.

Peanut Genome Insights May Help Design Hypoallergenic Peanuts

These findings may not only help to prevent allergic reactions, but also boost peanut crop productivity and nutritional value.

Phablets For Farmers

The inexpensive GreenPHABLET has been designed to support smallholder farmers with personalized advice and real-time alerts.

Chickpea Genome Map May Help Farmers Improve Yields

An international team of scientists has mapped the genome of chickpea, the second most widely grown legume crop after soybean.

International Team Cracks Pigeonpea Genome, Discovers Drought Tolerant Genes

The completed genome sequence of pigeonpea, known for its high protein content, has been decoded and published in Nature Biotechnology.