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Singapore And South Korea To Tackle Skin Disorders And Cancer

This multi-institutional effort draws upon deep capabilities in skin research and cancer biology from Singapore and South Korea.

Gene Involved In Nose Formation Found

Scientists in Singapore have identified the gene responsible for arhinia, a rare condition where babies are born without a nose.

How To Control Eczema? With Fierce Bacterial Competition

Despite appearing normal in between flareups, the skin of eczema patients is chock-full of ‘opportunistic pathogens' but deficient in helpful bacteria.

New Genetic Paradigm Might Pave The Way For Better Drug Targets

When faced with a lack of certain ‘essential’ genes, yeast cells can cope by simply doubling up their chromosomes.

7 Must-Read Stories In November 2015

Plant and fungal biology were among the popular topics in November, with stories on gene editing and the sequencing of the dandruff-causing Malassezia.

Neo Mei Lin & Ling Xing Yi Awarded 2015 L’Oréal Singapore National Fellowships

Drs. Neo Mei Lin and Ling Xing Yi have been recognized for their contributions to marine biodiversity and materials science respectively.

Sequencing The Genomes Of Dandruff & Eczema Microbes

The complete genomes of all 14 Malassezia species could help scientists find new treatments for eczema, dandruff and even skin cancer.

Gene Controlling Brain Size Identified

A study in zebrafish and mice shows that the gene KATNB1 is crucial for the brain to reach its correct size.

New Markers For Ovarian Cancer

Researchers have identified two new biomarkers of ovarian cancer, Lgr5 and CHEK2.

ELABELA Hormone Essential For Heart Development, Study

Scientists at A*STAR have discovered a new hormone called ELABELA that could potentially be used to treat heart disease.