A Toast To New Ideas

Do you have an idea to change the global beverage industry? Apply to the Future of Beverages Open Innovation Call and turn your ideas into reality.

Carving A Niche—An Interview With Dr Lee Chee Wee Of The Aquaculture Innovation Centre

The Aquaculture Innovation Centre is looking to support and grow the aquaculture industry in Singapore through collaboration and open innovation.

Jui Lim Appointed As Incoming SGInnovate CEO

A medical doctor by training, Dr. Jui Lim brings over two decades of experience in innovation, research commercialization and investment to SGInnovate.

An Open Invitation To Innovate

At TechInnovation 2019, large corporations shared their problem statements with an international audience with the aim of crowdsourcing for solutions. Find out how your company can participate in this ongoing Innovation Challenge.

Carving a Niche—An interview with Dr Lee Teck Kheng of ITE College Central’s Technology Development Centre

The Technology Development Centre at ITE College Central helps companies start their innovation journeys by capitalising on their engineering expertise and extensive product development resources.

Nuts And Bolts—Innovation Will Find A Way

See how these three TechOffers bring sensor and positioning systems to the forefront.

Feeding Future Generations With Innovation (VIDEO)

Mr. Christian H. Cadeo, managing partner of Big Idea Ventures (Asia), shared how the venture capital firm is funding research into new protein sources to feed future generations in a sustainable manner.

Astrazeneca Launches Three R&D Initiatives In China

With the creation of two new research centres and a billion-dollar fund in China, AstraZeneca looks set to make waves in biomedical research and healthcare in Asia.

A Springboard For Budding Innovations

Explore the possibilities for industry-academia collaboration (and more) at IPI's Technology Commercialisation Workshop.