Astrazeneca Launches Three R&D Initiatives In China

With the creation of two new research centres and a billion-dollar fund in China, AstraZeneca looks set to make waves in biomedical research and healthcare in Asia.

AsianScientist (Dec. 20, 2019) – AstraZeneca has announced three initiatives in China to advance its capabilities in developing innovative new medicines.

The first of the three initiatives is the creation of a new Global R&D Centre based in the Jing’an district of central Shanghai. The center will develop new medicines for treating diseases that are prevalent in China and other parts of Asia. It will also aim to advance global medicine development and life-cycle management programs and create new partnerships within China’s R&D ecosystem.

A new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovation Centre, also in Shanghai, will be established to capitalize on the latest digital technology in R&D, manufacturing, operations and commercialization in order to accelerate the delivery of medicines to patients in China and globally. A dedicated group within the center will spearhead collaboration with technology companies and China-based startups to develop solutions for patients.

Thirdly, AstraZeneca has signed an agreement with CICC, one of China’s leading investment banks, to jointly create the Healthcare Industrial Fund for driving innovation in China’s healthcare system. The fund’s target size is US$1 billion and, as a first step, will support domestic companies and partners including those based in the Wuxi International Life Science Innovation Campus, as well as international companies looking to establish a presence in China.


Source: AstraZeneca; Photo: Shutterstock.
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