Eating Your Way To Long Life & Many Kids

A study in mice has shown that it is possible to optimize diet for both long life and fertility.

Master Regulator Of Chromosomal Segregation Identified

The identity of the evolutionarily conserved meiosis regulator Meikin could advance treatments for fertility or Down's syndrome.

A New Angle On Infertility

Scientists have found that beta-catenin plays a role in fertility, affecting the structure of both male and female sexual organs.

Observing DNA In A Tiny Worm

Super-resolution microscopes have shed light on the importance of the protein PP4 in meiosis, the process that gives rise to sex cells.

Diet Affects Sperm Competitiveness

A study using artificial insemination in guppies shows that omega-3 fatty acids gives sperm a competitive advantage.

Study Explains Why It Is Harder To Stay Thin As We Age

As we age, and the thermogenic activity of brown fat is reduced, it gets easier to pack on pounds, according to researchers.

Most Australians Unaware That Women’s Fertility Declines In Early 30s

Most Australians underestimate when fertility in both men and women starts to decline, a national survey has found.

Scientists Find Gene For Male Fertility In Mice

Researchers from Japan and the U.K. have identified a new male fertility gene that may help with the development of future fertility treatments in humans.

IVF, Ovulation Drugs Linked To Higher Risk Of Birth Defects

A new study has found assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization to be associated with an increased risk of major birth defects.