Taking The Pulse Of Reproductive Disorders

Scientists in Hong Kong and the UK have devised a method to monitor hormone pulse patterns in patients with reproductive disorders.

Taurine Required To Keep Sperm In Tip-Top Shape

A lack of taurine changes the shape of sperm, impairing their motility and resulting in infertility.

Zika Virus Infections Can Lead To Male Infertility In Mice

Scientists have shown how Zika infections in mice can lead to testicular damage, and eventually, infertility.

Crocodile Sperm Swim Like Human Ones

Studying crocodiles could help us understand male infertility in humans, since their sperm also continue to mature as they ‘swims’ towards the egg.

Gene Variants That Increase Chance Of Non-Identical Twins Identified

Researchers have identified two DNA variants that raise a mother’s chance of giving birth to non-identical twins to 29 percent.

Test Tube Sperm Produce Apparently Healthy Offspring

Researchers have successfully coaxed stem cells into sperm-like cells that can produce healthy offspring.

7 Must-Read Stories In October 2015

From driverless cars to liquid microfluidics sensors, research from Singapore is heavily featured in our top articles published in October 2015.

Calcineurin Inhibitors Reversibly Block Male Fertility In Mice

Blocking calcineurin in male mice makes them infertile reversibly. Could this be the beginnings of male oral contraceptives?

Sperm Grown On Mice Produce Live Monkeys

Six healthy monkeys have been born using sperm grown from testis tissue transplanted onto the backs of mice.

Female Fertility Linked To Circadian Cycle

A study in mice suggests that the age-related decline in fertility can be mitigated with good ‘circadian hygiene.’