Pushing The Boundaries Of Physics In Asia

Even as Asia's leading physicists break new ground in quantum and space technologies, they retain a deep reverence for ancient traditions that others may never fathom.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s May 2021 Roundup

From ancient Indonesian caves to the unexplored Martian terrain, Asia’s scientists are making discoveries with vast implications for our world and beyond.

Slowest Earthquake Ever Recorded Lasted Over Thirty Years

Researchers studying the growth patterns of ancient corals have uncovered the slowest recorded earthquake in history in Indonesia’s Simeuleu Island.

How Climate Change Is Destroying Indonesia’s Ancient Rock Art

Extreme weather events caused by climate change are creating the ideal conditions for the degradation of some of the world's oldest rock art.

Four Asian Scientists Named 2021 Pew Marine Fellows

As Pew Marine Fellows, four researchers from Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and China will address some of the biggest challenges facing our oceans.

Advancing Agriculture In Asia

Asia’s exponential economic growth combined with its vulnerability to threats like climate change has spurred exciting innovations from researchers in the region.

Two From Asia Win UNESCO’s Man And The Biosphere Young Scientists Awards

Two early-career scientists from Indonesia and the Philippines were recognized for their efforts to promote sustainable development in ecosystems.

The Curious Case Of Asia’s COVID-19 Mortality Rates

Why is the COVID-19 death rate in Asia three times lower than that of Europe? Lim XiaoZhi examines some possible reasons.

Making Toilets For Everyone (VIDEO)

As founder of the World Toilet Organization, Jack Sim hopes to make a difference by providing the basics to those who need it the most