healthy eating

Of Myths And Millennials

Are you drinking eight glasses of water, eating salad and sleeping eight hours a day? Good for you, but unfortunately, your actions might not have a firm scientific basis.

Did Science Really Say I Should Eat This?

Coffee, chocolate and wine are all good for me, because science says so? Think again, writes Sim Shuzhen in this month's Bug Report.

Diet Linked To Asthma Severity In Pregnancy

Eating well pre-pregnancy could help asthmatics control their symptoms during pregnancy, study says.

Dine With A Light Eater If You Want To Consume less

Interestingly, you could be influenced by your dining companion even if he or she is not physically present.

Processed Foods, Soft Drinks Linked To Harmful Chemicals

Pthalates have been found in the urine of 99.6 percent of Australian men in a pattern correlated to their intake of soft drinks.

Social Media Consumption & Unhealthy Diets

Young people are exposed to heavy marketing from unhealthy food brands on social media sites, study shows.

Hungry Or Not, Kids Will Eat Treats

Confirming what many parents experience, a study shows that children will not refuse a sugary snack even when already full.

Targeted Estrogen Could Curb Binge Eating

Estrogen linked to GLP-1 has been shown to inhibit binge eating in mice by boosting serotonin production.

Manga Helps To Promote Healthy Eating

A pilot study has found that exposure to Manga (Japanese comics) promoting fruit intake may encourage youths to consume healthy snacks.