Mapping The Diabetes Network

Researchers have combined genomics, proteomics and metabolomics data to create a comprehensive map of how insulin affects cells.

Bamboo And Rattan Genomes Sequenced

Researchers of the Genome Atlas of Bamboo and Rattan Consortium have published a chromosome-level genome assembly of moso bamboo and two representative rattan genomes.

10 Scientists Behind South Korea’s R&D Dominance

A global leader in research, development and innovation, South Korea is home to these 10 award-winning scientists who are pushing the frontiers of science.

Household Hygiene Critical To Controlling Cholera In Bangladesh

Cholera is mainly being transmitted within households in Dhaka, Bangladesh, suggesting that better hygiene in the home is critical to controlling its spread.

Genetically Diverse Trees Support A Wider Range Of Insects

A research group in Japan has identified correlations between the genetic diversity of a tree species and its constituent insect communities.

Hiding Gene Editing From The Immune System

By using a phosphatase to remove a chemical group on synthetic guide RNAs, scientists in South Korea have made CRISPR-Cas9 less immunogenic and less toxic.

The Big Eaters Behind Systemic Sclerosis

A team of researchers from Singapore and the UK used genomic analysis to reveal the role of macrophages in systemic sclerosis.

Merck Granted CRISPR Patent In Singapore

Merck’s patent covers the successful integration of an external DNA sequence into the chromosome of eukaryotic cells using CRISPR gene editing.

Baidu Veteran Joins WuXi NextCODE

Mr. John Gu, previously the Chief Information Officer of Baidu, joins WuXi NextCODE to drive the growth of China's largest genomics platform.