How Polar Bears Cope With Fat

Understanding how polar bears adapted to their high-fat diets could lead to new ways of preventing fatty plaques and treating cardiovascular disease.

Mother’s Womb Can Influence Baby’s Genome, Study

A study of umbilical cord tissue from 237 Asian individuals showed that the interaction between the genome and the prenatal environment can have a profound impact on epigenetic variation.

Experts Discuss Latest In Hematology Research At Suntec Singapore

Hematology experts gathered at Suntec Singapore from March 29-30, 2014 to discuss the latest in blood disorders research.

New Tool To Unlock The Genetics Of Grapes

A new web-based genetics tool can help researchers and grape breeders to identify genes that control flavor and pest-resistance.

Buffalo Genome Decoded

Bangladeshi and Chinese scientists have jointly sequenced the buffalo genome, raising hopes of using the genetic information to improve milk and meat production.

Genome Of Ancient Skeleton Shows Native Americans Came From Asia

The first genome sequencing of the Ice Age skeletal remains of a one-year-old boy has shown that the first human settlers in North America were from Asia and not Europe.

Fish T1K Project To Study Fish Evolution & Genetics

CNGB has launched the Fish T1K project, a study designed to unveil the mysteries of the origin, evolution and diversification of the largest group of vertebrates.

CNGB, BioStorage Technologies To Partner On Gene Bank

The China National Genebank has formed an alliance with BioStorage Technologies, which will provide it with biorepository expertise for the development of the biobank.

Genome Of Extinct River Dolphin Analyzed

Researchers have analyzed the genome of the Yangtze River dolphin, which was driven to functional extinction by human activities.