electrical engineering

A Dye-Free Method To Manufacture LCDs

Researchers in Japan have developed a scanning wave photopolymerization method for producing liquid crystal displays without the need for dyes.

Light-Emitting Fibers For Wearable Displays

Scientists in Korea have developed a method to create light-emitting fabric that can be used in wearable displays.

IEEE Milestone Awarded To Yasuto Mushiake

Mushiake’s discovery of self-complementary geometries in 1948 ushered in the golden age of television broadcasting.

Silver Nanoparticles Make For Surprisingly Stretchy Conductors

Researchers have developed a printable elastic conductor that can retain high conductivity even when stretched up to five times its original length.

Four Legged-Robot Spontaneously Changes Gait

Researchers in Japan have designed a robot that uses decentralized control to change from walking to trotting and galloping.

A Smart Camera For Drones And Self-Driving Cars

Scientists in Singapore have developed an ultrafast and high-contrast camera that could make it safer the drive autonomous vehicles.

Diodes Made Ideal With Graphene

Inserting a layer of graphene between the metal and semiconductor components of a diode can prevent atomic intermixing.

Terahertz Wireless Links Could Transfer Digital Data In A Snap

Terahertz wireless links to spaceborne satellites could enable transferring the entire content of a DVD in a fraction of a second.

UK, South Korea Partner On Developing 5G Technology

The South Korean government is collaborating with a research center in the UK on delivering 5G mobile communications and wireless connectivity technology.