electrical engineering

Turn Any Surface Into A Charger With Cuttable Coils (VIDEO)

An innovative coil design allows users to cut this wireless charger into any shape and mold it around curved surfaces.

Programming Silk For Wearable Electronics

Scientists have used calcium ions to modify silk fibroins, creating a reusable, biocompatible adhesive for electronic and pharmaceutical applications.

UNIST Recognizes Six ‘Rising Star’ Scientists

The title ‘Rising-Star Distinguished Professor’ is awarded to eminent professors who are under the age of 45.

Tsinghua University Scientist Wins 2018 IEEE Herman Halperin Award

Professor He Jinliang has won the IEEE Herman Halperin Electric Transmission and Distribution Award for improving lightning protection in high-power transmission lines.

Wearable OLED Patch Helps Heal Wounds

By mounting flexible OLEDs, batteries and anti-superheating devices on a thin film, scientists have developed a wearable patch that can facilitate wound healing.

Hirofumi Akagi Wins 2018 IEEE Medal In Power Engineering

Professor Hirofumi Akagi was awarded the medal for his pioneering contributions to the theory and practice of power conversion systems.

Generating Electricity With The Flick Of The Wrist

Scientists in China have found a way to produce electricity from slight body movements, such as bending a finger or rotating the wrist.

Hybrid Devices Fully Charge In 30 Seconds

Scientists in South Korea have used liquid electrolytes in combination with nanostructured electrodes to create a fast-charging energy storage device.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: C. C. Chan

A pioneer in electric vehicle research, Professor C. C. Chan shares how a conducive ecosystem can be created for the future of mobility.