Singapore Expedition To Study 2012 Great Earthquake

The month-long voyage seeks to investigate the cause of the largest intraplate earthquake ever recorded in an ocean.

Earthquake? Crowdsourcing App MyShake Will Warn You In Advance.

MyShake is a free app for Android phones that has the ability to recognize earthquake shaking using the sensors in every smartphone.

Syrupy Stand-In Mimics Magma For Volcano Prediction

Using a setup involving dyed syrup and a precision shake table, researchers have modeled how earthquakes can cause volcanic eruptions.

Predicting Earthquakes From Underground ‘Ultrasounds’ (VIDEO)

By pairing vibrational pulses with seismic sensors, researchers have developed a method to detect faults deep below the Earth's surface and predict future earthquakes.

Slow Seabed Slips Linked To Tsunami Earthquakes

Slow slips have the potential to become the epicenter of major tsunami earthquakes; in fact, one was recorded a month prior to the 2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake.

7 Must-Read Stories In April 2016

The Asian Scientist 100, our handpicked selection of award-winning scientists from the region, was your favorite read in April.

Several Major Earthquakes Strike Asia Pacific, Could Signal More

Earthquakes above a magnitude of 6.0 have struck around Asia Pacific in quick succession over the past week, which could be warning signs of more major earthquakes on the horizon.

Slow Fault Movements May Indicate Impending Earthquakes

Contrary to current understanding, slow-slip events could signal an impending earthquake rather than a reduced seismic risk.

2012 Sumatra Earthquake Shook Up Japan

The April 2012 Sumatra earthquake had far-reaching effects, inducing increased seismic activity in parts of Japan.