drug resistance

Experts Call For Urgent Action On India’s Alarming TB Epidemic

Much more needs to be done about the tuberculosis epidemic currently raging in India, experts say.

Safety Issues Stall Philippines Dengue Herbal Trial

A controversial trial of herb-derived treatments for dengue has been stalled amidst ethical and drug-resistance concerns.

Drug Resistant Malaria Detected In Myanmar

Artemisinin-resistant malaria parasites have emerged in Myanmar, with 39 percent of the samples testing positive for the K13 mutation.

Old Diabetes Drug Takes On New Target

Scientists have found that the drug metformin can indirectly boost existing TB therapy while avoiding drug resistance.

Tracking Malaria’s Emerging Drug Resistance

A microarray analysis of Southeast Asian malaria patients has revealed the factors driving the growing resistance to the drug Artemisin.

The Cause Of SEA’s Malaria Resistance Pinpointed

Scientists have unraveled how the malaria parasite escapes currently used drugs: mutations in the gene K13.

Attacking Superbugs With New Drug Cocktails

A Singaporean team has discovered new ways to enhance the efficacy of drugs used to treat respiratory infections and antibiotic-resistant superbugs.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Threatens Southeast Asia

Drug-resistant malaria parasites, requiring a longer duration of treatment, have emerged in Southeast Asia.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Widespread In SEA

Scientists raise concerns of drug-resistant malaria sweeping across Southeast Asia.