drug resistance

Dual-Target Nanoparticle Reduces Lung Cancer Drug Resistance

This drug carrier nanoparticle specifically targets EGFR-mutant lung cancer cells and releases two types of drugs—doubling the effectiveness.

Trapping Drugs In Malaria Parasite ‘Stomachs’

By trapping chloroquine in the digestive vacuole of the malaria parasite, this hybrid drug effectively kills drug-resistant strains.

New Genetic Paradigm Might Pave The Way For Better Drug Targets

When faced with a lack of certain ‘essential’ genes, yeast cells can cope by simply doubling up their chromosomes.

How Cancer Cells Launch A Counterstrike Against BET Inhibitors

Cancer cells that develop resistance to BET inhibitors do so by recruiting the help of leukemia stem cells.

Genomic Data Improves Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment

Two large scale genomic studies have helped identify strategies for developing more precise and effective treatments for breast cancer.

GIS & Pryobett To Develop Pyrosequencing For Clinical Diagnostics

The novel pyrosequencing platform can perform real-time sequencing for quicker medical decision-making.

Antibiotic-Resistant Typhoid Tracked & Targeted For Vaccination

Vaccines rather than antimicrobials should be used in the fight against typhoid fever, researchers say.

Virulence Factor Building Block Found Hiding In Plain Sight

The discovery of the PATR motif found in the virulence factors of many harmful bacteria could lead to the development of new broad spectrum antibiotics.

Deadly Superbugs Cross Borders

Drug resistant bacteria are on the move, highlighting the need for more effective infection control precautions.