drug resistance

Automating The Evolution Of Antimicrobial Resistance

To deepen their understanding of antimicrobial resistance, researchers have developed a robotic system that could evolve bacteria in bulk after exposure to different antibiotics.

The ABCs Of Why Bats Rarely Get Cancer

The low incidence of cancer in bats can be attributed to high ABCB1 gene expression, according to research by scientists in Singapore.

Rose Myrtle Extract Contains Potent Antimicrobial Compound

Scientists in China have identified an active ingredient in rose myrtle that could be used to treat antibiotic-resistant bacteria infections.

US$3.8 Million Awarded To Tackle Antibacterial Resistance In Thailand

The Global Challenges Research Fund awarded the grant to an interdisciplinary group studying two species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Thailand.

A Positive Development Against Drug-Resistant Cancer

Synthetic macromolecules can kill multidrug-resistant cancer cells and help prevent the spread of cancer, researchers say.

WHO Rejects Reports Of New HIV Strain In The Philippines

UNAIDS and WHO have rejected international media reports claiming that a drug-resistant HIV strain has surfaced in the Philippines.

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Widespread In China

Scientists in Hong Kong have detected the gene for colistin-resistance in human, food and environmental samples from Hong Kong and China.

Two Genetic Markers Linked To Anti-malarial Drug Resistance

Two genetic markers were strongly associated with the malaria parasite's ability to resist piperaquine, an anti-malarial drug.

‘Water Pill’ Prevents Lung Cancer Drug Resistance

A cheap diuretic could extend the effectiveness of existing lung cancer drugs, research suggests.

Dual-Target Nanoparticle Reduces Lung Cancer Drug Resistance

This drug carrier nanoparticle specifically targets EGFR-mutant lung cancer cells and releases two types of drugs—doubling the effectiveness.