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You’d Be Able To Smell Your Virtual World Soon

Scientists have developed soft and flexible wearables that recreate a wide range of smells for virtual reality applications.

Probing The Ocean Before The Storm

A study by researchers in Hong Kong and London suggests that atmosphere climate models including ocean systems are better in predicting storm behavior

Hunting For Disease Markers In ‘Junk’ DNA

An international team has developed a speedy new method to analyze thousands of noncoding variants and their links to diseases like diabetes.

Pushing Diamond To Its Limits

Similar to how pressure turns coal into diamonds, subjecting diamonds to large amounts of strain gives desirable electronic properties to the gem.

Elusive Kondo Cloud Seen For The First Time

An international team of scientists has observed Kondo clouds, a physical phenomenon first predicted nearly 90 years ago.

How To Mend A Heart: Use Two Types Of Stem Cells

Researchers in Hong Kong have discovered that a combination of stem cells promotes better healing of the heart.

Mapping Out How A Superbug Harms Its Host

Researchers in Hong Kong have identified quorum sensing and secretion systems as some of the key elements of superbug virulence, paving the way for the development of novel antibiotics.

Building Better Inorganic Perovskite LEDs

By using cesium trifluoroacetate, scientists have created bright, all-inorganic perovskite LEDs with a half-lifetime of over 250 hours.

Scanning Zebrafish Brains In Search Of New Drugs

Researchers have developed a high-throughput method of identifying drug candidates for the treatment of neurological disorders.

Nanoparticles Make Metals Both Strong And Flexible

Strong alloys are typically less ductile, and vice-versa. Researchers have managed to overcome this tradeoff by including nanoparticles in the alloy fabrication process.