Home-Based Heart Monitoring Powered By Paper

Chinese researchers have developed a paper-based test strip that could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home.

This Protein Limits How Much The Heart Swells Under Stress

Researchers have identified a protein that prevents the heart from swelling when under stress.

Aspirin, Statins Help Reduce Heart Attack Severity: Study

Statins and aspirin, medications prescribed to prevent heart attacks, are linked with reduced heart attack severity, a new study shows.

Going To ‘Wars’ In Blood Vessels

The gene Wars2 plays a central role in the formation of blood vessels, and could be a possible new drug target for treating cancer and heart disease.

Cause Of Heart Arrhythmia In Adult Muscular Dystrophy Revealed

In myotonic dystrophy patients, RNA abnormalities in the cardiac sodium channel causes heart arrhythmia, which can lead to sudden death.

How Are Coronary Arteries Made?

Most coronary vessels in the ventricular free walls are derived from sinus venosus endothelial cells, rather than the ventricular endocardium as once thought.

Measuring Heartbeats With Radar

Placing sensors on your body to measure your heartbeat can be inconvenient, so researchers have created a radar-based system that can do it remotely.