Nuts & Bolts—Taking The Sting Out Of Medical Testing

New technology and prototypes herald speedier, cheaper and less invasive medical tests.

Getting Stem Cells Ready To Repair Hearts

Using a drug and proteins known as laminins, scientists have found a way to induce stem cells to differentiate into cardiac muscle-like cells, fibroblast-like cells and epithelial-like cells.

Taking ECG Rhythm And Ventilation To Heart

Whether or not a cardiac patient presents with a shockable ECG rhythm affects the type of airway management technique administered, say researchers in Japan.

Switching Energy Sources In A Heartbeat

A research group in South Korea has identified ketone bodies as a crucial energy source for the heart.

For Aging Adults, Weight Change May Raise Mortality

Scientists involved in the Singapore Chinese Health Study have found that a weight change of ten percent or more increases the risk of death in middle-aged and elderly Singaporean Chinese.

High Blood Pressure Prevalent In India, Study Finds

One in five Indian young adults have hypertension, prompting recommendations for blood pressure screening starting at 18 years of age.

Detecting Heart Failure At Home

Researchers have invented a handheld device that can detect symptoms of congestive heart failure in ten seconds.

Watching Plaques Form In Real-Time

A team of researchers in Japan has developed a method to image the progression of atherosclerosis in mice.

Stroke Cases In Taiwan Rising, Research Shows

The incidence of ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhages have been increasing among the Taiwanese population, researchers say.

How Immune Cells Keep Arteries Supple

Special white blood cells that express a protein called LYVE-1 are responsible for maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels, scientists say.