carbon capture

Selectively Filtering Out Carbon Dioxide

Scientists have developed a membrane that selects for carbon dioxide while allowing air to pass through 100 times faster than existing polymers.

Turning Waste Heat Into Air Conditioning

The Combined Heat and Power plant jointly developed by A*STAR and Hitachi achieves high efficiency with low operation costs.

3D Printed Seaweed For Medical Implants

Seaweed-derived gels could be a new source of biocompatible material for medical implants that also has a positive impact on the environment.

Fast Growing Bornean Trees Important For Carbon Cycling

Rainforests in Borneo produce 50 percent more wood biomass than comparable forests in the Amazon, scientists say.

Solar ‘Sponge’ To Soak Up Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Coal power station emissions could be reduced by a new, energy-efficient material that adsorbs carbon dioxide then releases it when exposed to sunlight.