carbon capture

Capping Carbon On Asia’s Supercomputers

Thoughtful processor design, optimized programming and strong government support are helping to make high performance computing ecosystems more sustainable.

Converting CO2 Into Fuel Without Metals

Researchers in India have developed the first metal-free—ligand-free catalyst for carbon dioxide conversion into methane.

Mangroves Help Countries Reduce Carbon Emissions

Coastal vegetation could hold the key to upholding the Paris agreement, according to researchers in Singapore.

Rain Determines Whether Peat Is A Carbon Sink Or Source

Even undisturbed peatlands might release rather than trap carbon dioxide, depending on seasonal rainfall patterns.

The Concrete Jungle Is Greener Than You Think

Cement production generates a lot of carbon dioxide, but the good news is it it also acts as a carbon sink.

Scientists Develop Solid CO2 Sorbents With High Surface Area

Thanks to its morphology, fibrous nanosilica would allow for better carbon capture capacity, kinetics and recyclability.

A Rock Solid Understanding Of Carbon Capture & Storage

This more accurate and detailed simulation of carbon as it is injected into underground rocks could help to improve carbon capture and storage methods.

China Promises Bamboo Boost For Africa

China and Africa have plans for a knowledge transfer partnership to boost Africa's nascent bamboo growing industry.

High Carbon Conversion Efficiency Helps Palms Live In The Shade

Palms have evolved to have a high net carbon gain efficiency in response to shaded environments in the lower strata of the rainforest, scientists say.

Super Plant Solution To Both Climate Change & Food Security

Targeting the protein AtPAP2 to both the mitochondria and chloroplasts makes plants grow faster and produce 38 to 57 percent more seeds.