brain imaging

Machine Learning Enhances Mental Illness Diagnosis

By combining machine learning with brain imaging, scientists have developed a way to differentiate different kinds of mental illnesses based on MRI scans.

Watching Brain Immune Cells In Action

An international team of scientists has discovered a chemical probe for visualizing brain immune cells.

Pace Of Information Processing Differs In Autistic Brains

Autism is linked to random activity in the sensory cortices and slower processing in the right caudate of the brain, researchers say.

Machine Learning Turns Brain Scans Into Cellular-Level Data

Instead of relying on oversimplistic assumptions, machine learning has helped scientists gain insights into the organization of the brain.

Different Shades Of Blue: A Closer Look At Depression

Researchers have identified three subtypes of depression, including one that is unresponsive to commonly prescribed anti-depression drugs.

Visualizing The Human Brain In 3D

Scientists have developed a method to obtain high resolution, three-dimensional images of the human brain.

A Peek At The Brain Through See-Through Skulls

Scientists in China have developed optical clearing agents that can make the skulls of living mice transparent, allowing high resolution imaging of brain structures.

Mapping The Brain’s Cholinergic Neuron Circuits

Scientists in China have generated a precise 3D whole-brain atlas of the cholinergic system in the human brain.

Speeding Up Whole Brain Scans

A new technique has helped researchers reduce the time needed to take high resolution whole brain scans from a week to under two and half hours.

New Technique Enables Long-Term Brain Imaging In Primates

Researchers have developed a system to reversibly light up selected neurons in the brains of marmosets over several months.