How Bunyaviruses Attack And Enter

Scientists in China have determined the structure of the a key glycoprotein in two viruses that cause febrile illnesses.

Itch-Specific Neural Circuit Identified

Blocking neurons in a region of the brain known as the parabrachial nucleus can suppress itching in mice, researchers say.

Magnets Turn Viruses Into Bacteria-Killers

A team of international scientists has used phage-enhanced nanoparticles to kill bacteria that pollute water treatment systems.

How Good Gut Bacteria Break Down Sugar

Scientists have identified a unique metal ion-containing domain within the three-dimensional structure of an enzyme that gut bacteria use to break down sugars.

Stopping Bacteria By Their Tails

Disrupting biological nanomachines like the flagella of bacteria could be one effective way to prevent infectious diseases, scientists say.

Medicine’s New Stethoscope

Detecting cancers with a blood test sounds simple enough, but is it just hype or are liquid biopsies here to stay?

Pumps On Microfluidic Chips Speed Up Cell Sorting

A research group in Japan has developed a high-speed cell sorting method using dual on-chip pumps.

GM Crops Bounce Back From 2015 Decline

More genetically modified (GM) crops were planted in 2016 than 2015, but the adoption of GM agriculture varied widely across Asia, report says.

Takeda And Schrödinger Team Up For Drug Discovery

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and Schrödinger Incorporated have established a multi-target partnership for drug discovery.