Tracking Cancer In Transparent Organs

Researchers are now able to trace the spread of cancer cells at the single-cell level in transparent mice.

Genetically Modified Rice Stacked With Antioxidants

Chinese researchers have developed a genetic engineering tool to generate antioxidant-rich purple rice.

Designing Artificial Ion Channels

Researchers in South Korea have developed artificial ion channels that can transfer iodide ions 60 times more efficiently than chloride ions.

Making Genetically-Modified Organisms Safer To Use

Requiring just nine genetic edits, this new method of making genetically-modified organisms is not only safer, but simpler.

Politics Thwart India’s GM Food Crop Plans

India’s leaders are under pressure to ban genetic modification technology over biosafety concerns.

Improving Cotton Without Modifying Its Genes

The methylome of the cotton genome suggests that the economically important crop could be improved with epigenetic modifications that do not affect the underlying genome sequence.

Home-Based Heart Monitoring Powered By Paper

Chinese researchers have developed a paper-based test strip that could help heart failure patients monitor their condition at home.

A Spider’s ‘Bite’ Sends Antibodies Into Cells

Scientists have used reengineered spider venom toxin to help antibodies escape endosomes once inside the cell.

Using Nail Art To Study Ladybug Wings

High speed cameras and uv-cured resin used in nail art have come together to help scientists understand what makes ladybug wings both strong and foldable.