7 Must-Read Stories In April 2017

April was a technology-heavy month, with popular articles on blockchain, artificial intelligence and the latest in battery technology.

Plastic-Eating Fungi Found In Rubbish Heap

A strain of fungi researchers found in a rubbish heap can break down plastic as it grows.

When Lightning Strikes The Clock Tower

Marty McFly and the Doc travel in time by using the energy of lightning in Back to the Future, but is it really possible to generate electricity from a lightning bolt?

Enlisting The Services Of Microbial Communities

Microbes that can break down organic pollutants could play an important role in cleaning the waterways of highly urbanized areas.

Bacteria Could Help Clean Up Radioactive Soil

A highly acidic protein from salt-loving bacteria could be used to remove radioactive cesium from contaminated soil.

Three New Bacteria For PCB Decontamination

Scientists have identified the genes which allow Dehalococcoides bacteria to break down toxic chlorinated organic compounds.

Onion Waste Cleans Up Heavy Metals, Study

Onion and garlic waste could be used to mop up hazardous heavy metals, according to new research.