Bend It Like Bamboo

The fibers in bamboo are distributed to maximize flexural rigidity with the smallest volume of wood material possible.

Using Nail Art To Study Ladybug Wings

High speed cameras and uv-cured resin used in nail art have come together to help scientists understand what makes ladybug wings both strong and foldable.

Synthetic Mother-Of-Pearl, The Way Nature Intended

Researchers have created synthetic nacre, or mother-of-pearl, that forms in mere weeks instead of months or years.

Octopus-Inspired Adhesive Pads Are Suckers For Transfer Printing

Researchers have designed adhesive pads that mimic the suckers on octopus tentacles.

Hybrid Protein Adhesive Flexes Its Mussel

The mussel's incredible ability to adhere to surfaces has inspired a biologically active molecule that can tightly bind to titanium, which is commonly used in medical implants.

Mimosa-Inspired Material Folds Up Like Origami When Wet (VIDEO)

Inspired by the Mimosa plant's folding response to touch, researchers have engineered a material that folds when in contact with water.

3D-Printed Structures As Dazzling As A Butterfly’s Wing

3D-printing gyroid structures, inspired by the wing structure of a green hairstreak butterfly, could help make more compact light-based electronics.

CAS Professor Awarded 2016 Nikkei Asia Prize

Professor Jiang Lei, director of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been awarded the 2016 Nikkei Asia Prize.

Ten Materials Inspired By Mother Nature (VIDEO)

The natural world is filled with strange, fascinating structures that are stronger, more flexible and more resilient than anything humans can make.