Penguin Feathers Inspire Ice-Proof Material

By mimicking the hierarchical microstructure of penguin feathers, researchers have developed an ice-proof insulating material.

Sea Anemone-Inspired Hydrogel Four Times Stronger Than Silkworm Silk

A hydrogel made of sea anenome protein could find biomedical applications as a durable material to support cell growth.

Black Gold Lotus Leaf Absorbs Almost All Visible Light

By coating lotus leaves in black gold nanoparticles, researchers have developed a metamaterial that has an extremely low reflectivity.

A Love Of Waterways

PUB Chairman Mr Tan Gee Paw has helped Singapore turn her freshwater scarcity from a vulnerability into a strength.

Robotic Whiskers Lend A Helping Hand

Researchers have built a seal whisker-inspired sensor to help navigate dark and murky environments.

Mussel-Inspired Glue Closes Wounds In 60 Seconds

By combining mussel proteins with insect-style crosslinking, researchers have developed a superior glue that can work in wet environments.

How Water Striders’ Hairy Legs Repel Water

Condensation and self-removal of water from water strider legs allows them to effortlessly glide over water surfaces.

A Self-Walking Actuator Inspired By Caterpillars

Scientists have designed an actuator that can form complex three-dimensional structures in response to differing levels of humidity.

Squid Beak Hardness Guided By Gradients

How squid control the hardness of their beaks be used to guide the development of greener biomimetic materials.