How Mantis Shrimps Punch Above Their Weight

A detailed understanding of the properties that give mantis shrimp super-strong dactyl clubs could inform the design of bullet-proof materials and long-lasting hip implants.

Artificial Muscles Created From Gold-Plated Onion Cells

Unlike other types of artificial muscles, onion cells coated in gold can expand or contract to bend in different directions depending on the driving voltage applied.

The Long & Short Of Mosquito Legs

An understanding of how insects such as mosquitoes walk on water could lead to better aquatic robots.

Exploring The Oceans With Robotic Turtles & Pufferfishes

Researchers from NUS have designed biomimetic robots capable of performing complicated tasks such as surveillance and energy harvesting.

The Rove Beetle’s Elegant Solution

A asymmetric and two-way folding of rove beetle wings could inspire the design of structures from solar panels to umbrellas.

Anti-Counterfeiting Ink Inspired By Beetles

A color changing ink inspired by the longhorn beetle could make counterfeiting money more difficult.

An All-Purpose Glue For Wet Conditions

By incorporating DOPA into engineered mussel glue proteins, scientists have developed a glue that can be used underwater.

Stronger Materials Based On Squid Suckers

Squid suckerins, proteins which form razor-sharp teeth in cephalopds, could be used to design new strong and malleable biomaterials.

Parasitic Fig Wasps Equipped With Zinc-Tipped Drills

The parasitic fig wasp pierces the tough outer layer of figs with a zinc-toothed ovipositor that is as hard as dental cement.