Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Patrick Cozzone

For Professor Patrick Cozzone, Executive Director of the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium, bioimaging lies at the heart of understanding fundamental biological processes.

Atsushi Miyawaki Awarded 2020 Keio Medical Science Prize

Atsushi Miyawaki was co-awarded the 25th Keio Medical Science Prize for developing bioimaging technology that allows researchers to observe the cell’s most intricate details.

Single Cells Move To A Different Beat

Unlike their unicellular counterparts, aggregated social amoebae need physical contact to get them going, say researchers from Japan.

Watching Plaques Form In Real-Time

A team of researchers in Japan has developed a method to image the progression of atherosclerosis in mice.

Near Infrared Helps Bioimaging Go The Distance

Scientists in Japan have invented a near-infrared dye that can be used to investigate the dynamics of living organisms, tissues, cells and molecules.

Thyroid Hormone Reduces Fatty Liver In Diabetics

Researchers have found that low dose thyroid hormone supplementation may help reduce non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in male patients with type 2 diabetes.

Proteins Pirouette Within The Cell Membrane

Scientists have developed a bioimaging technique that allows the prolonged visualization of complex protein movements in a cell membrane.

Seeing The Brain Without Opening The Skull

A research group in South Korea has devised a strategy to perform bioimaging through opaque tissues.

Visualizing The Human Brain In 3D

Scientists have developed a method to obtain high resolution, three-dimensional images of the human brain.

Glowing, Acid-Tolerant Protein Cloned From Jellyfish

Researchers in Japan have derived from jellyfish a green fluorescent protein that withstands low pH environments, enabling the imaging of acidic organelles.