Asia’s Calcium Intake “Alarmingly Low”

Scientists of the International Osteoporosis Foundation have discovered that Southern and Eastern Asians had the world's lowest average calcium intakes.

What Photosynthesis Looks Like From Space

Scientists have utilized satellite imagery to quantify plant metabolism.

Vaccination Without The Needles

Scientists in Australia have developed a device that delivers the polio vaccine via a skin patch.

Most Countries Lagging on Health SDGs

Singapore leads the 188 countries while Afghanistan comes in last in meeting health-related Sustainable Development Goals.

Mending The Heart With Living Nanogels

By encapsulating stem cells in a nanogel, scientists have managed to repair heart damage in mice and pigs.

Serotonin Linked To Sudden Death In Infants

Scientists in Australia have linked serotonin to sudden infant death syndrome.

Facial Masculinity Linked To Autism

Scientists in Australia have used 3D facial images to identify a link between masculine facial features and autism.

Mitochondrial Gene Linked To Adult-Onset Obesity

Scientists in Australia have discovered that having just one copy of a mitochondrial gene called PTCD1 results in adult-onset obesity and fatty liver disease.

Why Massive Galaxies Don’t Dance In Crowds

Contrary to previous research, the spin rate of galaxies is actually determined by mass instead of their interactions with neighboring galaxies.