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20 Reasons Your PhD Journey Is Really A Pokémon Go Game

Think about it—your PhD supervisor is basically Professor Oak; you chart your experiments in a lab notebook, a.k.a. a Pokédex; and the Nobel laureates you admire are just as elusive as rare Pokémon.

With Augmented Reality, You Can Use Your Arm As A Keypad

Say hi to ARmKeypad Air, which uses ‘smart’ glasses to turn the arm of a wearer into a virtual keyboard, allowing for contact-free use.

Smart Glasses Now Come With Virtual Keyboard Feature

The K-Glass 3 smart glasses enables users to type on a virtual keyboard and even play the an augmented reality piano.

Asia’s Scientific Trailblazers: Andrew Nee

Over the course of his career, Professor Andrew Nee has been at the forefront of both computer-aided precision engineering and augmented reality.