augmented reality

Nuts & Bolts—The Real Potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Check out these three virtual and augmented reality TechOffers that could soon be in our workplaces and homes.

A Picture Of Health

Developments in digital technologies and approaches have transformed the healthcare industry and promoted self-management of one’s health. Let’s take a look at what has changed.

Scientist To Develop Sustainable Man-Machine Interaction Intelligence

The NRF Investigatorship grant will support SMU Professor Archan Misra’s vision of a smart city where humans and devices work collaboratively on projects.

5 Tech Trends For Infocommunications And Electronics

Keeping up with innovation in the year ahead.

Eight Seriously Cool (And Weird) Technologies From The Rekimoto Lab (VIDEO)

Here are eight futuristic technologies that have been turned into reality by Professor Jun Rekimoto of the University of Tokyo.

A Romantic Revolution In Technology

We spoke to maverick inventor Jun Rekimoto of the Sony Computer Science Laboratories on the latest technologies in human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

A Virtual Blueprint For Success

It’s not all fun and games with virtual reality—Singapore startup VRcollab is shaking up the construction industry with its VR approach to building design and review.

A Dose Of (Virtual) Reality

With virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies blurring the seams between reality and fantasy, everyone from startups to academia and even NASA wants a slice of the action.

Adjusting ‘Lazy Eyes’ With Augmented Reality

Researchers in China have shown that augmented reality technology can be used to correct ‘lazy eye’ or amblyopia.

Wake Up and Smell The Roses—Virtually

You can now send tastes, smells and even kisses virtually. A new age of virtual reality involving all five senses is here, with Adrian Cheok of the Imagineering Institute at its forefront.