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    Asia’s Rising Scientists: Anjan Soumyanarayanan

    Bringing together expertise in quantitative microscopy, electrical measurements and materials science, Dr. Anjan Soumyanarayanan is putting his own spin on nanoelectronics.

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    Positioning Biotech Start-ups For Success

    From sourcing for investments to commercializing products, a panel of experts shared their advice for biotech start-ups at A*STAR’s Drug Development Week.

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    Move It!

    Teams raced to move two terabytes of data across five different countries in the inaugural ‘Move that Data!’ Data Mover Challenge.

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    Australia’s Engineer In Office

    Australia’s Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, the Honorable Karen Andrews MP, plans to fight climate change and support women in STEM.

  • In the Lab

    Cancer Stem Cells Addicted to Methionine, Study Shows

    Singapore researchers have discovered that cancer stem cells consume the amino acid methionine much faster than it can be generated, and this vulnerability could be exploited for cancer treatment.

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    Singapore: A Sentinel For Southeast Asian Seafood Safety (VIDEO)

    What we learnt from the unprecedented 2015 GBS outbreak and its implications for food safety in Southeast Asia.

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    Sydney Brenner, ‘father of the worm’ and decoder of DNA, dies at 92

    Known for his sharp wit, visionary thinking and versatility, Brenner made many seminal contributions to molecular biology over the course of a seven-decade career.

  • In the Lab

    A Tango With Quantum Entanglement

    Scientists have created a ‘universal entangler’ which not only could advance our understanding of the quantum realm, but also pave the way for the construction of quantum computers.

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    Asia’s Rising Scientists: Sherry Aw

    Making discoveries on the fly is all in a day’s work for Dr. Sherry Aw, one of three scientists from the Asia-Pacific to be recognized as a L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women In Science International Rising Talent in 2019.