Five Scientists From Asia Named 2021 Citation Laureates

Clarivate’s 2021 selection of Citation Laureates honored five scientists from Asia for their transformative work in physiology and chemistry.

Setting A Course For Supercomputing

From molecular modeling to formulating facial wash, the world of high performance computing has much to offer students from different fields and passions.
immunoscape, immunology, deep immunomics

Revolutionizing Immunology With ImmunoScape’s Deep Immunomics Platform

From cancer to COVID-19, ImmunoScape’s Deep Immunomics platform sheds new light on individual responses to treatments and vaccines, creating breakthroughs in the fight against disease.

Correcting Genetic Mutations One Letter At A Time

Researchers from Singapore have developed a CRISPR/Cas9-base gene editor capable of correcting single-letter mutations in our DNA sequence.

Behind The Mask

Move over, designer bags and sneakers—the biggest fashion trend in the post-COVID world is the face mask.

Keeping Singapore Cool

With global warming at our doorstep, researchers in Singapore are leveraging supercomputers to tackle the complex challenge of urban heat.

Setting Up Singapore’s Scientific Ecosystem For Success

To empower local researchers in their pursuit of great science, A*STAR’s Research Support Centre in Singapore offers expertise, scientific services and technological support all in one platform.

Asian Scientist Magazine’s February 2021 Roundup

From celebrating women in science to surprising discoveries in the natural world, catch Asian Scientist Magazine’s top stories from February 2021.

No Sugar-coating Here: How Asian Food Affects Blood Sugar

To encourage healthier eating habits, researchers from Singapore have ranked common Asian foods according to their impact on blood sugar levels.