WHO Warns Of Rising Anti-Malarial Drug Resistance In Asia

Growing resistance to artemisinin is threatening to roll back gains made in combating the disease, said malaria experts at a health conference in Sydney, Australia last week.

WHO Prequalifies Indian Malaria Drug

A new artemisinin-based malaria drug produced by Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla has been prequalified by the World Health Organization (WHO).

One-Third Of Malaria Drugs In Southeast Asia Are Fake, Study

One-third of the malaria drugs sold across Southeast Asia are either poor quality or fake, according to a NIH study published today in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Artemisinin-Resistant Malarial Strains Emerge On Thai-Myanmar border

Two studies published in The Lancet and Science last week show a worrying increase in resistance of the malaria parasite at the Thai-Myanmar border.

Chinese Scientist Dr. Tu Youyou 屠呦呦 Wins Prestigious 2011 Lasker Award

81-year-old Chinese scientist Dr. Tu Youyou has won the 2011 Lasker DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award for her discovery of artemisinin - a widely used antimalarial drug which has prevented millions of deaths worldwide.