Genetic Insights Boost Malaria Drug Yield

Genetic engineering has helped researchers in China increase the levels of artemisinin in the leaves of the sweet wormwood plant.

Malaria’s Best Defense Is Also Its Achilles’ Heel

Mutations to a protein that enables the malaria parasite to evade several anti-malarial drugs can make it vulnerable to other drugs, a study has found.

Southeast Asia Is Ground Zero For Artemisinin Resistance, According To Map

In Southeast Asia, resistance is presumably due to the fact that there are far fewer cases of malaria so that selection pressure is greater.

Artemisinin’s Scattershot Approach To Killing Malaria Parasites

The discovery that artemisinin disrupts over 120 parasite proteins could lead to the development of new anti-malarial drugs.

Safety Issues Stall Philippines Dengue Herbal Trial

A controversial trial of herb-derived treatments for dengue has been stalled amidst ethical and drug-resistance concerns.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Widespread In SEA

Scientists raise concerns of drug-resistant malaria sweeping across Southeast Asia.

Artemether, Guilin Pharma’s First WHO-certified API

Guilin Pharma has received its first WHO product quality certification for the anti-malaria drug Artemether, paving the way for other drugs in its portfolio.

Drug-Resistant Malaria Gaining Ground In SE Asia

Although malaria deaths and diagnoses have declined, a worrying drug-resistance is emerging in Southeast Asia.

Young Malarial Parasites More Resistant To Key Drugs

New research has revealed that immature malaria parasites are more resistant to treatment with key antimalarial drugs than older parasites.

Researchers Find Key Markers For Drug-Resistant Malaria

An international team of scientists are launching a major study of drug-resistant malaria in Myanmar.