age related macular degeneration

AMD Affects Visual Function Differently Across Ethnicities

Unlike Malays and Chinese, Indians with age-related macular degeneration do not experience as severe a loss in visual function.

Editing Away AMD With CRISPR

CRISPR-Cas9 can be delivered directly into the eyes of mice and treat age-related macular degeneration efficiently and safely.

Stem Cell Transplant Restores Vision In Mice

Retinal transplants grown from induced pluripotent stem cells can restore vision in mice, study shows.

Bringing Sight To The Blind

Professor Masayo Takahashi, who performed the world's first induced pluripotent stem cell-derived transplant into humans, has a vision for stem cells in the clinic.

First iPSC Transplant Patient Doing Well

The first patient to receive an iPS cell transplant has shown no tumor formation since her surgery in 2014.

The Hormone Pair Directing Blood Vessel Formation

Rather than the usual suspect of VEGF, scientists have found a receptor-ligand system that controls blood vessel formation during embryo formation.

Unique Cholesterol-AMD Link In East Asians

The discovery that cholesterol ester transfer protein is linked to age-related macular degeneration in East Asians could open up new avenues of treatment.

World’s First iPS Transplant Performed

A Japanese woman in her seventies has become the world's first person to receive a transplant of iPS-derived cells.

Stem Cell Therapy For Eye Disease To Be Tested In Japan

A pilot clinical study to assess the use of stem cell therapy in wet-type age-related macular degeneration has been launched in Japan.

First iPSC Clinical Trial Endorsed By Japan Health Ministry Panel

A key panel of the Japanese Ministry of Health has given a conditional green light to clinical trials involving induced pluripotent stem cells.