Sim Shuzhen


Shuzhen received a PhD degree from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, USA, where she studied the immune response of mosquito vectors to dengue virus.

Stories by Sim Shuzhen

Sydney Brenner, ‘father of the worm’ and decoder of DNA, dies at 92

Known for his sharp wit, visionary thinking and versatility, Brenner made many seminal contributions to molecular biology over the course of a seven-decade career.

Murder By Medical Device?

Can medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps be hacked? Not easily; yet cybersecurity remains a top concern as healthcare moves into the digital age.

Supporting Science At All Scales

Supercomputers are helping scientists investigate phenomena at all scales, from the cosmos to quantum mechanics.

Making Vaccines About Science, Not Politics

In the wake of political turmoil and widespread misinformation around Dengvaxia in the Philippines, public confidence in vaccines has plummeted sharply, says a new study. What can be done to hold back the slide?

Looking Before You Quantum Leap

Although qubit-crunching machines are still some years away from widespread use, industry players are already planning ahead for the era of quantum computing.

Searching For Signs, Not Symptoms

Blood biomarkers for Alzheimer’s can betray the presence of diseaseassociated changes in the brain decades before symptoms set in.

AI For Everyone

Rather than dominate the TOP500 rankings, the ABCI supercomputer was designed to bring computing capacity for AI applications to the masses, says AIST’s Satoshi Sekiguchi.

Helping Data Go Around The World

A high-performance, high-capacity network specially built for research purposes, the Global Research Platform will help scientists all over the world move and manage giant datasets.

Renowned Pathologist K. Shanmugaratnam Dies At 97 (In Memoriam)

Shanmugaratnam established the Singapore Cancer Registry in 1967, and continued to consult and teach at Singapore’s National University Hospital well into his nineties.