Sachin Rawat


Sachin Rawat is a freelance science writer & journalist based in Bangalore, India.

Stories by Sachin Rawat

The Oceans Are Running A Fever

Increasing marine heatwaves are breaking the resilience of aquatic life with long-term consequences for coastal communities.

How Smoking Bans Prevented Heart Attacks In Singapore

An analysis by Duke-NUS researchers finds that Singapore’s 2013 extension of the smoking ban averted heart attacks.

Climate’s impact on agriculture worsens gender inequities

Researchers map hotspots to enable climate-informed policymaking for women farmers.

Asia’s Rising Scientists: Mayuko Yamashita

Breakthrough Prize winner Yamashita explores the bridge between pure mathematics and fundamental physics.

Microglia Help Neurons Mature In Developing Brain

Researchers created microglia-enriched brain organoids to study microglia-neuron interactions in brain development.

How An Animal Rescue Tool Helped Control Rabies In An Indian City

The monitoring tool might still be underestimating the disease's true prevalence.

Lasers Help Probe Past Climates In Ice Cores

Researchers from RIKEN have developed a laser melting sampler to study ancient glacial ice cores.

Chatbot Revolution

ChatGPT-powered chatbots are on the rise but their reliability remains in question. As more companies build synthetic media into their business model, we analyze the scope of its skillset.

Trajectoids Trace A Predefined Path

Researchers have developed an algorithm, which can be used to design shapes that roll down predefined trajectories. This research has applications in robotics.